"The insect cannot be shown, not even from a distance!"

It's Franz "Mystery Man" Kafka's Birthday. And of course the day is "honored" by google with a google doodle, displaying a little bug person with a hat carrying a briefcase through a door. Which makes a lot of sense because "Die Verwandlung / The Metamorphosis" is totally about a little beetle-type dude with a cute hat and a little briefcase.

Oh, no it's not. Well, maybe for some it is, although an insect (and that is what Gregor Samsa turns into) can be a lot of stuff, not only a gentleman-like bug.

As we are on the topic. Good job honoring the dead's will, people at google. Here is what Kafka wrote in a letter to his publicist Kurt Wollf about the subject: "Das Insekt selbst kann nicht gezeichnet werden. Es kann aber nicht einmal von der Ferne aus gezeigt werden!" which roughly translated means something along the lines of "Don't you f*ing dare paint a little bug guy coming home from work, you imbecile!"

Happy birthday Franz!

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