Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail: First listen

I have only listened to the thing once and I haven't really been paying attention to the lyrics - but then again who does? Here it is, my two cents on "Magna Carty Holy Grail", the first album with its own Android-App.

01 Holy Grail: Justin Timberlake's cheesy chorus ruins an otherwise nice track.
02 Picasso: Classic Jay-Z. Dope. Could have been on "Reasonable doubt" (1996).
03 Tom Ford: Borrowing from "M.I.A. - Bad Girls" is never a bad move. Brooklyn we go hard, anyone?
04 F*ckwith...: I can already see Rick Ross riding in a black car in slow motion in the video. The song doesn't surprise one bit.
05 Oceans: Hmm.
06 F.U.T.W.: Classic Jay-Z. Dope. Could have been on "The Blueprint²: The Gift & The Curse" (2002)
07 Somewhereinamerica: Lean back and enjoy. Two and a half very enjoyable minutes.
08 Crown: Very "watch-the-throne-esque". Goes hard. This would be my second bet for a video with cars turning corners in slow motion. In this case, that's a good sign!
09 Heaven: Not bad, not amazing.
10 Versus: May just be the highlight. Very very short, but very very good.
11 Part II: The obligatory Beyonce-feature-track. Could have been worse.
12 Beach is better: 45 seconds long. Very hardcore.
13 BBC: Promising list of producers and features. Sadly, as those things often go: Too many features spoil the track a bit.
14 Jay Z Blue: Hmm.
15 La Familia: Don't like Jay-Z rhyming very slowly with long breaks between every line too much.
16 Nickels and Dimes: Oh, I take back what I uttered about track 15. Obviously it's not Jay-Z's rhyming style that annoys me. Because on this track it works rather fine.

My little remix of the promo artwork. Now it's about a holiday in Morocco, the relax-factor of which the woman in the picture is not quite sure about because some random greek dude grabs her from the back and probably tries to molest her.

Here is the verdict:

8/10 easy_listening
9/10 drive_through_town_with_the_windows_down
7/10 classic
8/10 overall

And I have added one category especially for Hovas latest venture into the world of art:

10/10 decent_display_of_an_antique_rape_scene_on_an_album_cover

Update, 07/10: Re-evaluating. The lyrics are top notch, especially towards the middle of "Jay Z Blue"...might be one of the most poetic rap verses ever. But after listening some more, the hype slowly fading away, I am afraid I have to say: This is not a very good album.

It feels a bit like the 20/20 Experience. I was a fan at first until I realized that this album could have been released 10 years ago. Timbaland just hasn't changed or innovated a lot dring the past 10 years. And as Timbs is also the producer for the majority of songs on MCHG I suspect it's him. He is doing music that reminds me of a few of his (and Jay-Z's classics). But as soon as the nostalgia fades, what's left is "just another album".

7/10 easy_listening
8/10 drive_through_town_with_the_windows_down
5/10 classic
7/10 overall

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