Act The Bohemian I

I don't need a reason to post pictures i took with a fisheye lens when I went on a little stroll through Prague. You need a reason to procrastinate around this blog however. So I'm going to make it woth your while. Relax. Hit "Play" on the little Youtube-Video above and walk with me. Nothing special...was just going to a little meeting and back. Looking like a tourist. With extreme sneaker heat on my feet though, even if I say so myself.

Nothing to see here, Keep walking scrolling!

A lot of sovjet bling. Nastrovje! This station has the longest escalator in Prague. But as there's no picture of that here this is just worthless trivia. As is this: Did you know that people singing in choirs tend to synchronise their heartbeat with each other? Scientists suggest that may also happen to audiences at sports events. And probably to followers of dictators at fascist events. That's only a guess but still kind of brings us back to this communist style metro station.

Uh, piece of candy! Favorite little snack place at Svetozor. Very humble, but their chlebicky and their ice cream is the shit!

Favorite cinema. Ever. Watched "The Godfather" on New Year's there once. And more recently "Once upon a time in the west" with the Western maniac Alifred Altinpop a.k.a. H. mit Altintop.

My favorite art installation. Right in the middle of Mustek Metro Station. Very public. Very modern. Very edgy.

You can't see me. Yeah we can. You are behind the pillar there. It's a fisheye, it captures pretty much 160°, you are totally in the picture, stoopid!

People often look at other people's legs in the Metro. Some don't.



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