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More Kendrick Buzzzz

Kendrick's verse on "Control" has got the game on lock. Some dare to respond lyrically (Joell Ortiz? Really?), some answered via twitter (Pusha T: "I hear u loud and clear") and some analyze the whole thing thoroughly.

This analysis right here is not only very entertaining, Young Guru also manages to hit the nail right on the head. What can anyone do now?

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Hashtag where hashtag is due! K Dot is all over the place twitter-wise after his verse on Big Sean's "Control" leaked. No more Mr. Nice Guy, it's Fuck-Y'All-Season. Lace up!

I don't love the song too much apart from Kendrick's verse (although I'm a mental Jay Elect fan usually), but I could look at those pictures all day: #twitpicyourreactionafterhearingkendricksverse

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Casper is on Hypetrak

Why I even visit Hypetrak from time to time is mysterious to me. It does have some kind of strange appeal to me even though all they ever seem to write about are headlines like "Kanye West may have to fart in the near future" or "Drake comments on rumors about Kanye having lost a dime in the pockets of his Givenchy jeans".

Anyhow - this is the headline that startled me today: "Casper - Im Ascheregen". I have only just finished my research on the guy and now he is the chosen one for the American Hypebeast market? 

Photo by Lara Janssen, Wikimedia Commons, wikipedia/commons/0/05/Casper_with_band%2C_Dockville%2C_2011.jpg

I haven't ever heard anything from the guy until I noticed him headlining this year's Splash Festival. I watched an interview, and don't get me wrong, he seems like a totally nice guy. But his music? Fuck outta here! Every song I randomly checked out on youtube made me dislike the dude's musical oeoeoevre more. One of the commenters on Hypetrak stated: "Sounds like Macklemore's wacker German cousin". You're not far off - except I think he somehow sounds like the unwanted love child of Macklemore and Linkin' Park (just choose one of them as the father/mother, I don't care).

Why would anyone want to listen to this crap? For any Hypetrak reader that happens to come across my blog: Don't believe the hype. Casper isn't "adding to the hype" of the attention that the german music scene is supposed to be getting (which I doubt actually).

Instead, dig this please. Some examples of way worthier Krautrock just from the top of my head:

Max Herre - Rap Ist feat. MoTrip, Afrob, Samy Deluxe & Megaloh

Nazar - Lost in Translation

Retrogott & Hulk Hodn - Höhlenmensch

BBou - Bazis wissen wer da BBou is (Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist "Cover")

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Summertime Chill (Bossa Nova Flip)

Enjoy. A short and sweet experimental piece by a guy called battlecry...found him during a nice and relaxing session of procrastinating the shit out of the internet. Here's his youtube-channel, there are some more diamonds in the rough there.

By the way. Karel "the godfather of kitsch" Gott was on Instagram before it even existed. He was totally like "#nofilter #yolo"!

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