What can you do, when two of the albums that you were looking forward to a lot (yeezus and mchg) turn out to be not as easy to listen to as you had hoped? Or even worse, at least one of them seems to be a pretty below-average work of art (mchg...yes, I now think Yeezus might have won the clash of the titans).

So what do you do? Listen to some real heat, like Kendrick Lamar's "Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City". Already a classic, hands down. When you listen to Kendrick's masterpiece after Jay's latest effort, you actually feel pretty bad for "the ruler". It may well be up to Kanye to jumpstart Jay-Z's musical career on Watch The Throne 2. Because honestly, the best track on MCHG has a hard time to compete with the weakest track on GKMC, quite contrary to the Jiggaman's punchline on "Versus":
Your last shit ain't better than my first shit/ Your best shit ain't better than my worst shit/
And there's always one source of endless inspiration and musical massaging of mind, body and soul: RADIOLOVELOVE, the latest issue of which features an incredible track that - apart from the not very modern staccato-flows - rips a lot of recent hip hop records to shreds. Advanced Chemistry - Welcher Pfad führt zur Geschichte.

Undeniable freshness. If you don't put this track on your summer mixtape you lose out. Your summer sucks. Prepare for the winter, buy tissues, post pictures of falling leaves on your tumblr blog, learn playing the saxophone, tattoo a sad emoticon on your neck. Or, I mean, it's easy, just listen to the song and put it on heavy rotation, it's easy goddamnit!

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