BETTY FORD BOYS - LEADERS OF THE BREW SCHOOL TOUR 2013: the new kids on the block!

B b b b b Betty Ford Boys, beotch!

You know that feeling? That a little article for your blog is basically in your head, totally finished and just needs to be typed into some kind of a computer machine? That you got loads of brilliant videos and images that magically capture the whole vibe of the experience that your article is about?

Well, I had this feeling all day today. Until I realized that with Vine (for Android) it's basically impossible to embed Vines (and i did at least 6 or 8 of them) in websites, that all the videos from my phone from yesterday were either shaky or out of focus and - that aspect might be the saddest part - I actually don't know what to write about the whole thing.

So instead I am giving you the trailer for the real thing I attended. Yesterday the Betty Ford Boys, consisting of Suff Daddy, Brenk Sinatra and Dexter ripped a small but very cool venue in nuremberg (K4) to pieces. In a good way of course. And for a change it wasn't a concert that consisted of the artists and the audience nostalgically holding on to music that they have already celebrated years ago (btw Iron Maiden are still touring, oh, and The Pharcyde hit Erlangen just this week), no, it was quite the opposite.

There was definitely something innovative and new in the air. My mood was a bit like "I have no idea what it is they are playing, but even though the sound is not ideal, i really like it". I prefer that very much to the mood I was in approximately one year ago in cologne. I paid a shitload of money to see Jay-z and Kanye during their Watch The Throne tour. And what I ended up experiencing was Kanye West not even pretending to have fun once during the whole fucking gig plus the sound was extremely awful. And don't get me started on the little fanboys and fangirls that kept screaming "let's go let's go" into my ears hours before the concert was due to begin. Yupp, they played the hits. And Jay-Z has still got it. But somehow it just wasn't very enjoyable because somehow there was very little love involved. Most of the dicknoses in the audience - I think - were just there to show off their Nike Air Yeezys to as many likeminded braindeads as possible.

Back to the Betty Ford Boys' "Leaders of the Brew School" concert in Nuremberg. I loved it. And I'm pretty stoked that this is just the beginning. Who knows what these dudes and their conglomerate (twit one and the likes) will be coming up with. I will stay very very tuned and advise you to do the same. Nuff said. Nuff.

Not quite. A lot of praise is due to the ones that never get enough love: The ones that took the risk of booking the new kids on the block (thank you Musikverein/K4) and the ones that "foreplayed" the shit out of the venue to get the audience excited. As ever, it would still have been a pretty decent evening, even if the main act hadn't appeared (massive thanks mathe katze and funkee flow!).

Check my Vine for a lot of little 6 sec impressions of the whole affair: username @FloduardQuolke

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